Code 39 Barcode

Generate code39 barcodes in MS Excel Spreadsheet, MS Access Database and Crystal Reports

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Code39 is also known as 3of9 code, USD-3, and LOGMARS. ISO/IEC 16388:2007 standard defines code39 barcode. Many industries use Code39 barcode.

LOGMARS is the acronym for Logistics Applications of Automated Marking and Reading Symbols. It is a variation of code39. Military Standard MIL-STD-1189B specifies LOGMARS.

Code39 only accepts 43 valid input characters:

26 uppercase alphas (A - Z), digits (0-9), hyphen, period, space, dollar sign, slash, plus and percent.

Code39 will omit other input characters.

Here is the mapping table of Barcodesoft Code39 Barcode Font

Character Mapping
space number sign (#)
hyphen, period, dollar sign
slash, plus, percent
0-9 unchanged
A-Z unchanged

Code39 is a self-checking. Therefore, code39 rarely requires a checksum digit. But in applications that require high accuracy, code39 will append a modulo 43 checksum after the data. If you download Barcodesoft code39 demo, you will find source code for checksum calculation. With Barcodesoft Code39 Font, it is simple to encode code39 barcodes. Just put asterisks (*) before and after your data, then apply one of the following code39 fonts. Code39 barcode will appear. There are fourteen code39-barcode fonts, as listed below. Each name shows a different aspect ratio. Those code39 fonts with “Hr” in their names have human readable text underneath barcode. For example, Code39mHr means ‘medium aspect ratio’, with human readable. Code39XXL means ‘XXL aspect ratio’, without human readable. Barcodesoft Code39 Demo fonts have “Demo” watermarks. Barcodesoft Code39 barcode fonts are available in true type, PostScript, PCL, SVG, Open Type (eot), and Web Open Font Format (woff / woff2). Users can embed Code39 fonts into Adobe PDF files. Here is the list of Barcodesoft Code39 Barcode Fonts

Aspect Ratio With Human Readable Without Human Readable
XXS Code39XXSHr Code39XXS
XS Code39XSHr Code39XS
S Code39SHr Code39S
M Code39MHr Code39M
L Code39LHr Code39L
XL Code39XLHr Code39XL
XXL Code39XXLHr Code39XXL

Here is the pricing list of Barcodesoft Code39 package

License Single User 10-User Site Corporate Developer Unlimited Developer
Price USD99 USD199 USD399 USD499 USD599 USD1799

Generate Code39 Barcode in Crystal Reports

1. Open your crystal report. Right click Formula Fields, choose "New..." from the context menu.

Type in "Code39" in the Name textbox, then click "Use Editor".

2. From Functions List ==> Additional Functions ==> COM and .NET UFLs (u212com.dll) ==> Visual Basic UFLs, double click "BCSLinearCode39" function from Visual Basic UFLs list as shown.