Brazil B3 Stock Exchange

Brazil B3 S.A. is a leading financial market infrastructure company that operates the main securities, commodities, and futures exchange in Brazil. B3 stands for "Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão," which translates to "Brazil, Exchange, OTC." The B3 exchange was created in 2017 through the merger of two prominent exchanges in Brazil: BM&FBOVESPA and CETIP.

Located in São Paulo, B3 is the largest stock exchange in Latin America and among the largest in the world in terms of market capitalization. It provides a platform for trading equities, fixed income securities, agricultural commodities, currencies, and derivatives, as well as offering services such as clearing, settlement, and custody.

B3 plays a vital role in the Brazilian financial market, facilitating capital raising for companies, helping investors to diversify their portfolios, and promoting the development of the Brazilian economy. It is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and the International Options Market Association (IOMA).

The benchmark index of B3 is the Ibovespa (Índice Bovespa), which tracks the performance of the most liquid and highly capitalized stocks listed on the exchange. The Ibovespa is widely followed by investors and analysts to gauge the overall health and direction of the Brazilian stock market. In addition to the Ibovespa, B3 also manages other indices that reflect different segments of the Brazilian financial market, such as the Small Cap Index (SMLL), the Corporate Governance Index (IGC), and the Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2).

B3 S.A. is itself a publicly traded company, with its shares listed on the exchange under the ticker symbol "B3SA3."