EQT Partners

EQT Partners is a leading global private equity firm and alternative investment manager headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1994 by Conni Jonsson, the firm focuses on investments in private equity, real assets, and credit markets. EQT Partners operates primarily in Europe, Asia, and the United States, targeting sectors such as healthcare, technology, industrial goods, consumer goods, and business services.

Key aspects of EQT Partners include:

Investment Strategies: EQT Partners offers a range of investment strategies, including private equity, infrastructure, real estate, and credit. Within private equity, the firm engages in leveraged buyouts, growth equity investments, and venture capital deals. EQT's infrastructure and real estate strategies target essential assets and services, while its credit strategies encompass direct lending, special situations, and stressed and distressed debt.

Value Creation: EQT Partners focuses on creating value in its portfolio companies through active ownership, operational improvements, and sustainable business practices. The firm works closely with the management teams of its portfolio companies to develop and implement strategic plans and improve operational efficiency.

Industry Expertise: EQT's investment professionals have deep industry knowledge and experience, enabling them to identify opportunities and create value for portfolio companies. The firm targets investments in various industries, leveraging its sector expertise to drive growth and improve operations.

Global Reach: With offices in Europe, Asia, and the United States, EQT Partners has a broad international presence, allowing it to source and execute deals across different markets and regions. This global footprint provides the firm with access to diverse investment opportunities and enables it to support the growth and expansion of its portfolio companies across various geographies.

Responsible Investment: EQT Partners is committed to responsible investment and incorporates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into its investment process. The firm believes that responsible investment practices and a focus on sustainability contribute to long-term value creation for its investors, portfolio companies, and the wider society.

Investor Base: EQT Partners manages funds on behalf of a diverse range of institutional investors, including pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, and family offices. The firm's investor base is spread across various regions, including Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Some notable transactions and investments by EQT Partners include the acquisitions of Sivantos Group (a global hearing aid manufacturer), Karo Pharma (a Nordic specialty pharma company), and Dunlop Protective Footwear (a global provider of protective footwear).

In summary, EQT Partners is a leading global private equity firm with a diverse range of investment strategies and a strong track record in private equity, infrastructure, real estate, and credit markets. The firm's focus on value creation, industry expertise, and responsible investment practices has helped it build a reputation for delivering strong returns for its investors and fostering sustainable growth in its portfolio companies.