Jean-Philippe Blochet

Jean-Philippe Blochet is a French financier and hedge fund manager who is best known as one of the co-founders of Brevan Howard, a leading global macro hedge fund. Though not as widely recognized as his co-founder Alan Howard, Blochet played a key role in the establishment and early success of the firm.

Blochet holds a Master's degree in International Economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. Before co-founding Brevan Howard, he gained experience in the finance industry working at Credit Suisse First Boston in the mid-1990s, where he met Alan Howard. Blochet specialized in trading interest rate derivatives and developed a deep understanding of the fixed income markets.

In 2002, Jean-Philippe Blochet, along with Alan Howard and other partners, founded Brevan Howard. The firm quickly gained a reputation for its global macro trading strategies, which focused on identifying and capitalizing on opportunities across various asset classes, including interest rates, currencies, equities, and commodities.

As one of the founding partners, Blochet played a crucial role in shaping the firm's investment philosophy and building its risk management framework. He was responsible for overseeing the firm's discretionary trading strategies and actively managing its investment portfolios.

Jean-Philippe Blochet left Brevan Howard in 2009 to pursue other opportunities. He co-founded another hedge fund called North Asset Management, which is based in London and also focuses on macro trading strategies. Although Blochet has maintained a low public profile throughout his career, his expertise in global macro trading and his role in the founding and early success of Brevan Howard have earned him recognition within the hedge fund industry.