Jonathan Ruffer

Jonathan Ruffer is a British investment manager, philanthropist, and founder of Ruffer LLP, a UK-based investment management firm known for its conservative investment approach and focus on capital preservation. Established in 1994, Ruffer LLP has grown to become a well-regarded firm in the investment management industry.

Here are some key aspects of Jonathan Ruffer's life and career in detail:

  1. Early life and education: Jonathan Ruffer was born in 1951 in the United Kingdom. He attended the University of Edinburgh, where he studied law and qualified as a barrister. However, Ruffer eventually shifted his focus to investment management, beginning his career in the finance industry.
  2. Career before Ruffer LLP: Prior to founding Ruffer LLP, Jonathan Ruffer worked at several prominent investment firms, including Schroders, Dunbar Fund Managers, and Cazenove. His experience in these roles provided him with valuable insights into the investment management industry and laid the foundation for his future success as the founder of his own firm.
  3. Ruffer LLP: In 1994, Jonathan Ruffer established Ruffer LLP, a UK-based investment management firm focused on preserving capital and delivering consistent, positive returns. Ruffer's conservative investment approach, which emphasizes well-diversified portfolios and active risk management, has earned the firm a strong reputation in the industry.
  4. Philanthropy: In addition to his career in investment management, Jonathan Ruffer is a noted philanthropist, particularly in the fields of arts and culture. He is the founder of the Auckland Project, a charitable initiative that aims to regenerate the town of Bishop Auckland in County Durham, England, through the development of cultural attractions and heritage sites, such as the restoration of Auckland Castle. Ruffer has invested millions of pounds into the project, which has helped create jobs, attract tourism, and revitalize the local economy.
  5. Personal life: Jonathan Ruffer is married to Jane Ruffer, and they have three children. He is a devout Christian, and his faith has played a significant role in shaping his approach to investment management and philanthropy.

In summary, Jonathan Ruffer is a British investment manager and philanthropist, best known as the founder of Ruffer LLP, a UK-based investment management firm focused on capital preservation. With a successful career in the finance industry, Ruffer is also known for his philanthropic endeavors, particularly in the fields of arts and culture, such as his work with the Auckland Project.